Freitag Neo

Neo is the new e-commerce and content platform from Freitag. The website with its own online shop has been supplemented with stories and emotions.

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Migros API & Produktsuche

For the first time, the new Migros product catalogue provides full online access to the entire range from a central system. Liip is assisting Migros with its implementation.

Discover case study is Switzerland’s open government data portal. It offers free, machine-readable data on social demographics, space, the environment and the economy. Authorities and related organisations have come together for the project.

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SHKB Website Relaunch

The wide range of services and products offered by Schaffhauser Kantonalbank appeals to private individuals, companies, teenagers, students, families and pensioners. They all have to be able to find relevant information quickly and easily.

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Tooyoo is a secure digital platform that stores all your important information that your loved ones need in case something happens to you.

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Rokka is a tool for managing digital images. A fault with many CMSs is that they handle images the same as HTML content. Rokka helps with this. You define the image format you want and Rokka will automatically prepare all the images accordingly. Even those added later.

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Urban Connect

Urban Connect provides a complete bicycle fleet solution for companies. Google and Hiltl for example, choose Urban Connect to provide fleets of ebicycles for their employees; a stylish, fun and very eco-friendly way to get around.

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ETH real estate economics app

Complexity made user-friendly – Our ETH app digitises real estate economics and makes the maths behind it transparent and fun.

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One.Thing.Less AG empowers and enables individuals around the world to regain control over their personal data in an easy and secure way.

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Content guidelines for the canton of St. Gallen

The canton of St. Gallen is getting a new website. A key part of the project is the new content. Liip supported the 200-strong editorial team by providing digital writing guidelines.

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Writing guidelines for a cantonal office (OCN)

The canton of Fribourg’s traffic and navigation office (OCN) has renewed its website. Updating texts formed a key part of the project. We gave the editorial team step-by-step support.

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