For this big brand in the watchmaking industry, we developed a global e-commerce platform that always adheres to the best practices in the luxury watchmaking industry. At its core is Phoenix, a CMS tailored to its unique requirements, with high precision and Swiss quality, just like …


Working incrementally towards a common vision and letting everyone do what they do best was key in this project. Digital banking means having several platforms to be streamlined and provide a user experience which helps all stakeholders. Not an easy thing to do, but digital progress means facing …


Managing patients and appointments for the health providers while enabling patients to find the right health professional and book an appointment. OneDoc App does not only simplify the Swiss healthcare system but also provides easy access to users in need of medical appointments. Developed in a …


Equality between men and women is far from being achieved. 56% of Swiss women are economically dependent – and that needs to change. Money rules the world, and women do not yet stand alongside it. elleXX includes a website, a newsletter, checklists, videos and a paid membership. The successful …

Retraites Populaires

A style guide supports a project to get rid of inconsistencies and foster further development in the same business logic. That’s what makes us fast and our clients more efficient. Retraites Populaires started with a first project to expand the collaboration after the first success.

The A-Coach

Knowing if an idea can turn into a viable business solution is crucial for a start-up. Using the Lean Startup approach, The A-Coach got the support needed to get customers who pay before building a customized platform.

Yverdon-les-Bains - Geocity

The Geocity project aims to facilitate interaction between inhabitants and public authorities. Its main goal is to redesign the process for sending, collecting and processing administrative permit applications. The digital platform, which incorporates a customisable form, has also attracted the …

Energy platform for the City of Zurich

The aim of the project was to create a central website that makes the topic of energy shine. All information, offers and funding opportunities of the city of Zurich and its companies were to be bundled and made available in a citizen-focused way.


Bobst successfully launched its first Industry 4.0 mobile application in just one month! We created a mobile app able to read and write to specific RFID tags, including UX and mobile application design - that's how we coded an application in iOS and Android.

Zürich Tourismus

Agile development also means adjusting priorities during a pandemic. The relaunch of the Zurich Tourism website was marked by interruptions and uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the website is now up and running, with great features and delighted customers. The …


The zoo’s app shows you where to find the different animals in the zoo. But that’s not all – it also has more information about animal shows and feeding times, the zoo’s restaurants, toilet facilities and the zoo's opening times. You can make a list of your favourite animals so that you can find …

Migros Gruppe Arbeitswelt

The career portal for Switzerland’s largest employer is being expanded. The software, individually designed to meet Migros’s needs, makes publishing jobs a simple, flexible process – and turns Migros into an even more attractive employer.


The online portal includes counselling options for questions about drugs, alcohol and addiction problems. Whether people are seeking information or booking counselling directly, the comprehensive platform is here to help. Those affected, their friends and family, …

Migros Lehrstellen Hub

The Migros Apprenticeship Hub is a real talent matcher. In a nutshell, it offers online career guidance. Videos showing apprentices’ perspectives and 24/7 support via a chatbot help budding apprentices find their way to the right apprenticeship.


Do politicians always keep their promises to us when it comes to sustainability? Ecorating tracks the voting behaviour of members of the National Council and Council of States regarding environmental issues.


Extraordinary situations sometimes require extraordinary measures. This is why Migros, together with Pro Senectute, is appealing for neighbourly help and has relaunched the AMIGOS technology for a limited period of time.

Smart Energy Link

Smart Energy Link (SEL) and Liip worked together to develop a service that allows “self-consumption communities” to be easily operated, managed and billed. The centrepiece of the service is a user-friendly customer portal. Self-produced solar energy can now be used economically and conveniently.


Freitag’s well-known e-commerce and content platform has a new look. Its updated online presence, complete with an online shop, has a new strategy and technology behind it.

Urban Connect

Generating impact with an IoT solution to change the way to commute. Urban Connect started in 2013 with the vision of a more sustainable future in mobility. An app and a digital lock supporting their idea alongside an astounding user journey and a robust technical solution.


Houston is an innovative communication system in the form of web and mobile applications for the transportation industry. Thanks to voice over IP, the applications allow communication between the drivers and the central operating unit. Houston is an alternative to traditional radio networks.


KOMPRA is about further refining the targeted skills development offered by coaches. This involves working together to define goals, then examining and documenting developmental progress. With KOMPRA, these once analogue stages have been digitalised and visualised, with all obstacles to personal …

Guide Me Yodli

Guide Me Yodli was the personal digital assistant that helped people navigate their way around the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Lausanne in a way that was stress-free and environmentally friendly.


The platform breaks what is a taboo subject in Switzerland and helps to organise the digital afterlife. Tooyoo allows loved ones to access the data of the deceased. All the information is stored in a secure digital safe in Switzerland.

ETH real estate economics app

The Chair of Architecture and Building Process at ETH's Department of Architecture required an understandable way of teaching students the economic mechanisms of real estate within six months. The solution: the ETH real estate economics app.


The rokka image converter helps content managers and developers to process digital images – easily and neatly. Whether for handling image formats, SEO attributes or lightning fast delivery, rokka offers everyone just the right tool for their digital images. is Switzerland’s open government data portal. It offers data about social demographics, spatial development, the environment and the economy, transparently and free of charge. Open government data is a global movement – and Liip is part of it.