eCargo Bike Sharing
Android App & iOS App for Carvelo

Carvelo is a sustainable mobility solution for transporting more than yourself on a bike. This cargo bikes sharing service allows anyone to borrow them, thanks to an app. We created this app at the heart of the ecomobility ecosystem. Eco as in ecological and sharing economy.

According to the user feedback Carvelo received, their initial application suffered from a few weaknesses in handling/navigation and could be improved to be more intuitive. They asked us to focus on ergonomics and add new features to the new version of the app.

After 6 years, we decided to completely overhaul our existing apps and build a new app environment. The Liip team helped us to improve the user experience enormously and to optimise our processes. We appreciated the close cooperation very much, especially because of the familiar and cordial atmosphere that prevailed in the team at all times. Even in more difficult situations, Liip supported us very well and found quick, simple solutions.

Jörg Beckmann
Managing Director of TCS Mobility Academy & Vice-Director of Touring Club Switzerland (TCS)


We added search filters (ex. number of wheels, with child seat, electric and the user geolocation). We improved the booking changes management with the most requested features: proposing alternatives when a Carvelo is not available in a given slot (simple in appearance, but complex in the backend with the management of parallel bookings). We also provided access to all bookings, past, current and future. Finally, we improved the search and booking of Smargos (small electric commercial vehicles that can be reserved and rented by the hour).

User Experience and usability

Thanks to the new app, users are better guided through the various stages of their onboarding and booking. And they intuitively understand the options available to them.

From now on, support for the Carvelo boxes (the boxes where you can access the battery of the e-bike) is directly provided within the app. Users can also give feedback on the app as well.