Simple, convenient and social shopping
for Migros

Once again you’ve had no time to go shopping? AMIGOS can help. The ingredients for your next evening meal will be delivered to your home by people from the neighbourhood. As well as ensuring that food will be delivered to your doorstep, the app also enables people from the neighbourhood to get to know each other. Customers and bringers simply process the orders and deliveries via the AMIGOS app and web platform.

  • 2019 Best of Swiss Web Master “Swiss Web”
  • 2019 Best of Swiss Web Gold “Digital Commerce”
  • 2019 Best of Swiss Web Gold “Marketing”
  • 2019 Best of Swiss Web Bronze “Business”
  • 2019 Best of Swiss Web Silver “Usability”
  • 2019 Best of Swiss Web Bronze “Innovation”
  • 2019 Best of Swiss Web Silver “Technology”

With AMIGOS, we have developed a shopping concept that is completely new and unique in Switzerland. All processes and systems were defined and developed from scratch. LIIP and dreipol have been on-board from the beginning, have given us outstanding support with their expertise and have scrutinised our ideas and processes. Collaborating with these two agencies in a professional and goal-orientated way was absolutely critical to success. The results speak for themselves! We have developed a modern and attractive web-shop and a visually appealing app that communicate perfectly with each other. Those ordering and those providing food have been impressed by the design and are busy using it.

Matthias Wälchli
Head of Collection/Delivery Services at Migros

Good user experience is achieved only when users are involved in the development process from the very beginning. Even before the first line of code was written and the designs were created, we tested the concept with users using wireframes and prototypes. This enabled us to incorporate important insights into the actual concept.

Amadeus Petrig
Product Owner New Business (Corporate Development), Genossenschaft Migros Aare

AMIGOS brings people closer together

Do the shopping for your neighbours when you are out and about. Ask people from the same neighbourhood to do your evening shopping if you have to stay late at work again. Social shopping is already a successful concept in other countries (such as the USA). Migros is the first retailer to try out the experiment in Switzerland.

Agile cooperation creates a powerful platform

AMIGOS was created via a cooperation with Liip and dreipol. The agile collaboration between Migros and the two agencies made the platform a success. Thanks to varied expertise, AMIGOS boasts good performance, a modern front end and high security standards.

Reactivation of AMIGOS during the pandemic

Out of necessity, the social shopping platform was reactivated during the Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020. Migros and Pro Senectute made a joint appeal for neighbourly help. As a result, AMIGOS attracted a great deal of interest during the pandemic, especially among at-risk groups.