AMIGOS makes shopping easy, convenient and sociable. Using AMIGOS, Migros is bringing people in the same district together: If you’re already out and about, buy food for your neighbours as well. The new shopping platform as an app and web solution.

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With AMIGOS, we have developed a shopping concept that is completely new and unique in Switzerland. All processes and systems were defined and developed from scratch. LIIP and dreipol have been on-board from the beginning, have given us outstanding support with their expertise and have scrutinised our ideas and processes. Collaborating with these two agencies in a professional and goal-orientated way was absolutely critical to success. The results speak for themselves! We have developed a modern and attractive web-shop and a visually appealing app that communicate perfectly with each other. Those ordering and those providing food have been impressed by the design and are busy using it.

Matthias Wälchli
Head of Collection/Delivery Services at Migros

People from risk groups should stay at home in this exceptional situation. The problem: who will do the groceries? Support your neighbours with AMIGOS - for the affected persons it’s a free home delivery service for food.

The offer is explicitly aimed at elderly people, people with previous illnesses or people who are currently in quarantine or self-isolation. Put together your purchase on and have it delivered to your doorstep

Migros employees, who currently have no fixed job assignment (specialist store employees, gastronomy, fitness centre, etc.) due to the coronavirus crisis, are taking over as “Bringer”. Private individuals who are happy to provide voluntary neighbourhood assistance also help. Help too - any help is welcome. Download the AMIGOS Bringer-App and register as a “Bringer”.

All users of this service must comply with the FOPH's safety and hygiene instructions at all times and confirm this online.

The implementation had to be fast and brought with it various challenges, as a multitude of technical dependencies to different areas and systems had to be considered. Thanks to agile project methods and the commitment of everyone involved, the product was adapted and brought back to life within a week.

The offer is now being constantly expanded and should be available in all language regions of Switzerland