Transparency in the political jungle
for Ecorating

Sustainability, climate protection, biodiversity – these environmental buzzwords are well known to all. Politicians also like to make regular use of them. But do their actions match their words? Ecorating answers this question: the website measures the voting records of members of the National Council and the Council of States on environmental matters. Ecorating therefore offers a transparent run-down of who votes for or against the environment.

  • 2019 DINACON Award “Open Data”
  • 2020 Best of Swiss Web Silver “Public Value”

Environmental topics are hugely relevant

Ecorating fills an important gap in election campaigns: it measures our politicians’ environmental promises and presents them in a fresh, visual way. Increasing numbers of people are using the platform, highlighting its importance.

Mass-market digital solutions

Ecorating makes environmental promises transparent, tangible and comparable. As a platform for environmental concerns, ensuring that the technical implementation was sustainable was an obvious move. This innovative solution required flexible technology that was capable of development.

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