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We photograph around 60,000 unique pieces per year, which creates an enormous amount of data and makes image management a very laborious task. Thanks to rokka, we are bale to save time, storage space and we benefit from the preparation of the images for specific images.

Benjamin Caviezel
Former Specialist New Media, FREITAG

With rokka we have a central image processing service for our images, which guarantees the storing and distribution of our images in a fast and efficient way. Therefore, we are able to display the same image in different formats on any of our platforms. Without significant effort towards image management.

Alain Petignat
Lead online development and operations, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

Digital image processing made easy

The software as a service (SaaS) called rokka helps developers and content managers save time and ensures that images are delivered quickly to end users. The user defines the image format and rokka will automatically prepare all the images accordingly. Various features such as focal point, worldwide CDN, auto cropping and SEO make the tool unique and indispensable.

All of the technical information, price lists, and further details are available at rokka

Rokka as SaaS

Although its primary task – supplying images – is the same as that of image services, it differs in some key areas.

All about the image processing tool

Rokka was created a few years ago and is constantly being optimised. Take a look here to see what has changed since it was developed, who uses rokka, and lots of technical insights.

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