From a blank-page idea to sustainable business
Android App, iOS App & Website for The A-Coach
  • Django
  • Python

There is no need to start with spending a lot of money on your start-up idea. Following the Lean Startup accompanying, we helped The A-Coach to get to real paying clients with a low initial investment in less than 5 months. Getting an idea ready to market fast, solving real issues is what’s been the focus of this product.

How to deliver a digital product focussing on your users needs

From the idea to the MVP in a couple of months. As a start-up, it is important to know that a product is viable business wise before it even gets built. With small investments in both money and time, The A-Coach had paid clients even before we started to build their platform. And then it was developed to meet validated clients needs and earn money from day 1.

Lean-start-up accompanying or how to get a MVP with little investment and time

From SaaS to custom development

Building a platform with ready to use software is unusual for a digital agency. Nonetheless, the best decision for a fast and cheap MVP. Although there have been limitations using the platform for our customer, it served the purpose. Continuing with custom development after the MVP is fun because the needs are proven already.

Start small and iterate, for real