The personal digital assistant for the Youth Olympic Games
iOS App & Android App for Transports publics de la région lausannoise

The Lausanne public transport network (tl) – the official transport partner of the 2020 YOG – together with Liip and RouteRANK used this sporting event to develop the mobile app Guide Me Yodli. This app supported athletes and the public as they travelled around. It created a sense of confidence in public transport, allowing users to arrive at their destination calmly and on time.

Reach your destination without knowing the address

For an athlete, arriving late means being disqualified. Guide Me Yodli was the personal assistant that helped people navigate their way around the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Lausanne. The app suggests journeys using all types of public transport, takes temporary stops made for the event into account, and was implemented in just three months. 1800 athletes therefore all arrived at the starting line on time.

Reach your destination quickly and easily, without even knowing the address

How our client defined their needs

Matthieu Menet, Head of Innovation for Lausanne public transport, looks back at the process of developing an innovative app in just three months. He called on Liip and RouteRANK, both Swiss companies, to take on the challenge of convincing the international delegations to take public transport as much as possible. Mission accomplished. 80% of the athletes exclusively used public transport.

Head of Innovation for tl Matthieu Menet shares his experience