TooLink or how to make industrial machines ready for the Industrie 4.0
for Bobst

TooLink aims to boost the productivity and flexibility of the machinery produced by BOBST. This innovative project is a great solution for our client. We developed a mobile app that interacts with the RFID chips located on the production tools. Welcome to the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0!

We wanted a local company that could provide us with a global digital solution that would meet all of our clients’ expectations. Our mobile application had to be developed in record time. This meant that all interactions had to be extremely smooth and efficient. That’s why we have started working with Liip.

Alexandre De Kalbermatten
project manager

Challenge and learning from you and the client

What can be done in one month? With agility and a lean approach, Bobst iterated on the UX/design and development of a mobile application MVP. NFC technology was a great challenge for us. The product ownership on Bobst’s side, as well as the “single Bobst-Liip team” mindset made it possible to successfully launch a brand new product within a month.

A fast lean approach makes agility and an MVP happen within a month

What the client thinks

Satisfied clients is what we are striving for. IoT and mobile development is what we love doing. To us Bobst was a great combination of a technical challenge and a fruitful collaboration.

Alexandre De Kalbermatten, project manager at BOBST explains how Liip helped the world market leader make its machinery more intelligent

DEV Challenge RFID

Bobst is selling machines that embed RFID connectivity. They wanted to improve the current programming process of those machines. That’s why we developed a mobile app to enable more automation and productivity for Bobst’s clients.

How we created a mobile app able to read and write to specific RFID tags