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For AI, as for other tech, we do it the Liip way. Not relying on trendy AI tools, but finding the right solutions to real issues. Legal support website lex4you is a good example of this. We developed lex4youGPT for more accessibility to legal info. Just ask and get specific and sourced answers.

There are agencies that announce big things and then deliver small ones, and then there's Liip! You don't come up with outlandish ideas, but when you come up with an innovation, it is sustainable. Well done!

Vera Beutler
Head of lex4you

Online legal support to the next level

lex4youGPT is an online legal support website offering much useful information on everyday topics such as work, consumption, traffic, health or even family. A quality content corpus that powers a brand new ChatGPT-based solution: lex4youGPT. Thanks to it, finding specific legal answers has never been so easy. Just ask!

Get straightforward answers to your legal questions

A customised GPT tool: How did we do it?

ChatGPT is cool, but developing your own customised GPT tool offers many advantages, among others on data privacy. Here is how to proceed.

lex4youGPT: The making of

AI @Liip: from initial tests to customer projects

lex4youGPT is the fruit of several months of research and projects around LLMs, GPT tools and AI in general at Liip. These new technologies have been synonymous with challenges, opportunities and the chance to propose artificial intelligence solutions offering digital progress.

AI & LLMs: This is how we do it