Unleash the power of free, accessible data.

Continuously providing good data

In today's economy, data drives growth, innovation, and efficiency across all sectors. Opening data fosters transparency, cooperation, and societal innovation. However, managing data initiatives entails addressing diverse user needs, ensuring security, and engaging stakeholders. Strong data management foundations and ongoing human involvement are essential for success.

A holistic approach to data management

As long-term partners and pioneers in Open Data, we’ve collaborated with prominent initiatives like opendata.swiss and Open Data Zürich. Our extensive experience across the data value chain enables us to assist clients in various areas, from collecting and producing data to defining strategies and ensuring compliance with standards like DCAT-AP and DCAT-AP-CH. We’re committed to helping you build and sustain data initiative that promotes transparency, efficiency, and innovation.

Implementing data: from catalogues to engagement

We specialise in designing, building, and maintaining data catalogues, a core component of data initiatives. Systematic metadata collection provides users with insights into data quality and access. Leveraging open-source CKAN and SaaS solutions like EntryScape, we ensure comprehensive support beyond catalogues. Engaging users through workshops and learning experiences, we emphasise value demonstration and AI-driven use cases. Our analytics team boosts visibility, while our user-centred approach ensures rapid prototyping and feedback.

Your key to success

Imagine the impact your organisation could make with the right data management. Whether it’s supporting public health, fighting environmental issues, making efficient business decisions, or increasing transparency, the possibilities are endless. But to unlock these benefits, you need more than just data – you need people, tools, and sustainable processes. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you turn your data and open data initiatives into a success.

Our offer

  • Data Catalogs

    Create a systematic overview for you and your data users about your data.

  • Data Management

    Establish strong data management foundations, choosing the right tools and designing sustainable processes.

  • Data Engagement

    Involve users and stakeholders to create knowledge and define representative use cases based on your data.


  • CKAN

  • EntryScape

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