On your data, get set, go!

Your challenge: get more from your data – securely and responsibly

You fully understand the added value of data, but is ensuring that it is handled responsibly keeping you up at night? Never fear – you are not alone. Many companies have a lot of respect for data, but also lack the time or data science experience required to safely and ethically gain the insights and benefits afforded by the wealth of data available. Hooray for transparency, cooperation and more innovation! Open data means all data that is freely available for use – open government data (OGD) from federal authorities, cantons and cities. To sub-forms such as linked open data (LOD) or linked open statistical data (LOSD) that are part of the Semantic Web.

Everyone – whether public institutions, companies or private individuals – comes into contact with open data. Anyone can publish and use open data. After all, isn’t that why you are here? Either you want to make your organisation’s data available as open data in machine-readable form. Or you want to use open data for your website, app or smart city application – since AI and ML need high-quality data sources. Whichever category you fall into, our experienced Open Data team is here to help.

Our response: create added value using an interdisciplinary approach

Data science, big data, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) – these terms may all sound abstract, but we on the Data team take a pragmatic approach: we are constantly looking for the best solution to achieve your goals, and are convinced that having an interdisciplinary team is the key to innovation. We implement dynamic data catalogues for you based on the open source framework CKAN, create interfaces (also known as APIs) for real-time access to data, or help you structure and prepare metadata. If you have a smart city application in mind, we are happy to assist you with prototyping and implementation. We can help you feed your chatbot with open data – or even create one for you with the help of our chatbot specialists. We are data engineers and developers with long-standing expertise in open data standards and open data projects.

What we do

When it comes to finding a specific solution approach, we are the quickest on the market. How do we do it? With a ‘can-do’ attitude and quick feedback. Initial prototypes often lead to projects and long-term partnerships.

The pay-off

Open data is very close to our hearts. Liip is a pioneer of the open data movement in Switzerland, and is committed to promoting its development. The high level of networking found on the open data scene and in the CKAN community is still worth its weight in gold. This is not just because crowdsourced quality management keeps us on the ball, but also because our commitment to open data once again highlights our ‘digital progress’ mindset: shared knowledge leads to more open innovation. In addition, we offer you data protection, transparency, and high ethical standards. Even when it comes to data, we always have people as our main focus.

Miriam Pretzlaff
Product Owner, BizDev

Find data quickly

  • Easily searchable data catalogue together with instructions for locating and accessing data sets
  • Data inventory with automatically updated metadata and primary data
  • CKAN as an open-source solution for open data and enterprise data management

Reuse data easily

  • Machine-readable formats for speedy analysis and connectivity
  • APIs as efficient interfaces for new apps in real-time
  • Crowdsourced quality management thanks to feedback from the open data community

Process data intelligently

  • Smart city applications for the use and ongoing enhancement of data
  • Enhance private products with reliable data from public authorities
  • Digitalise public administration services

ETH real estate economics app

The Chair of Architecture and Building Process at ETH's Department of Architecture required an understandable way of teaching students the economic mechanisms of real estate within six months. The solution: the ETH real estate economics app. is Switzerland’s open government data portal. It offers data about social demographics, spatial development, the environment and the economy, transparently and free of charge. Open government data is a global movement – and Liip is part of it.