Open Data

Open your data; unleash its power

Your challenge: continuously providing good data to your users

In today’s information-driven economy, data is a key driver of growth and innovation. Organisations in all sectors can reap its benefits in terms of internal efficiency, effective decision making, stronger innovation and more tailored communication. By opening data, you also promote transparency, cooperation and innovation. Not only for your organisation, but for society as a whole.

Launching and continuously supporting your data initiative can, however, be a complex matter. Data users have different technical requirements and quality expectations. They also require support to use data. Your stakeholders want to be able to track data's impact. Data security and protection are becoming increasingly complex yet important matters.

Solid data management foundations and an effective data infrastructure are required. As is the continuous involvement of the most important asset: people. And this is true for open, shared (used subject to restrictions) and closed data (used under certain, often user-specific, conditions).

Our response: a holistic approach to data management is key

Open data, which represents transparency, efficiency and innovation, is in our DNA. As long-term partners and open data pioneers, we have worked with key players and initiatives in Switzerland, such as, Open Data Zürich and, to make open data happen.

To help our clients meet their challenges, we have also spent years gathering experience and competencies all along the data value chain. From collecting and producing data (whether open or not) to publishing it. From defining strategies and policies to creating sustainable data lifecycles which continuously involve users at every level. From collectively designing internal quality standards and guidelines to ensuring that data and metadata comply with key national and international standards (e.g. DCAT-AP, DCAT-AP-CH). We can help you build a sustainable data initiative.

What we do

We specialise in designing, building and maintaining data catalogues, which we believe are a core component of all data and open data initiatives. Systematically collecting metadata in a data catalogue gives you an overview of the data and its quality. You can also show users where to find and access data, and provide them with the information they need to promptly start working with it. We have opted for a full-fledged open-source data management system, CKAN, for some of our key projects. We also work with new SaaS solutions like EntryScape.

However, our support goes far beyond data catalogues. We are experts in designing sustainable data lifecycles which involve users at every level. We believe in the importance of engaging and supporting people and specialise in organising learning experiences (“data expeditions”) and workshops. Showing value is also key: we launch projects to identify data use cases, for instance using artificial intelligence (AI). Our analytics team can help your open data get the visibility it deserves. We are also happy to share our experience with you and help you set up your APIs and make them user friendly.

At Liip we put the user at the centre. We therefore like to build quickly and get instant feedback on our data projects, for example with prototypes.

The pay-off

How many times have you heard about the impact data can have? Whether for supporting public health, fighting environmental issues, making efficient business decisions or increasing transparency, your organisation can reap the benefits of data too. But to get the most out of your data you will have to involve people, use the right tools and create sustainable processes. We are happy to help you make your data and open data initiatives successful.

Juan Pablo Lovato
Business Developer, Product Owner

Data Catalogs

Create a systematic overview for you and your data users about your data.

Data Management

Establish strong data management foundations, choosing the right tools and designing sustainable processes.

Data Engagement

Involve users and stakeholders to create knowledge and define representative use cases based on your data.

ETH real estate economics app

The Chair of Architecture and Building Process at ETH's Department of Architecture required an understandable way of teaching students the economic mechanisms of real estate within six months. The solution: the ETH real estate economics app. is Switzerland’s open government data portal. It offers data about social demographics, spatial development, the environment and the economy, transparently and free of charge. Open government data is a global movement – and Liip is part of it.