relaunch – welcome to the city
for Zürich Tourismus
2023 Best of Swiss Web Bronze “Technology”

Discover Zurich and everything it has to offer on your individual city trip. The migration project from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 involved optimisations where they made sense, whether relating to the design, the data structure, the architecture or the consent management.

As the product owner, I value having a constructive collaboration with the whole team and being able to have direct discussions with the developers. Despite the difficult circumstances caused by the coronavirus situation, we could still go live with a very successful platform.

Matthias Drabe
Lead Online & Product Owner

Working before, during and with the coronavirus was a challenge

What began in 2019 and was then faced with an international stumbling block in the shape of the pandemic has now been implemented with just a few cut backs. Our goal is happy clients – big plans are our pet project. And now, we are starting work on the nice-to-have features that we were unable to implement before as they were further down the priority list.

Agile development also means adjusting priorities

Open data API with Drupal 9

Can you migrate an open data interface to Drupal 9? Yes, you can. However, this requires a clean design and a modular implementation. Its compatibility with and the implementation of translations resulted in an open data API to be proud of.

The steep learning curve for new technologies

How to improve your consent banner? The example of Zurich Tourism

The migration to a consent management platform for Zurich Tourism increased the digital analytics capabilities and achieved conformity with data privacy laws.

The added value of a management platform for your consent banner