Our recipe for success: culture aka #liipway.

As a digital agency, we believe it is crucial to employ the cleverest of minds and be incredibly versatile. Culture is our recipe for success. You can find our ingredients on this page.

Who we are

We are a self-organised digital agency that stands for digital progress made in Switzerland. What does that even mean? What it is that makes us Liip? We have 15 years of experience in implementation and consulting of digital solutions. We support customers towards not only more, but also more meaningful and sustainable digital transformation.

Our approach

Differences make the difference

We are committed to diversity and inclusion. Age, gender, nationality, expertise – the broader your horizons, the further you can see. This mindset helps us resolve complex issues with the utmost precision.

Our team

Some of our team members

Our principles

  • Purpose over profits
  • Open over closed
  • Risk over certainty
  • Trust over control
  • Practice over theory
  • Flexibility over strength
  • We over me

Sustainability in our culture

Sustainable development is something that we have taken into account right from the outset. Sustainability is at the heart of our company’s goals: by working to enhance digital progress, we seek to create long-term social, environmental and economic value. We have had some success in this area, but there is still much to be done. And so, we continue to strive for more sustainability with every project we implement.

Our commitment to greater sustainability

What does agile working mean?

For us, working in an agile way means joining forces with our clients to find out what is needed, but that is not all: it also means working as a team and having time to focus. Ultimately, we want the best for our clients’ users. And for you, it is advantageous to have lots of points of contact and be able to react quickly in the market. Agility also means constantly adjusting priorities to ensure the solution matches both your expectations and your budget.

Agility: what it really means

Our Progress

Liip = Bitflux + Mediagonal
Agile Web Development
Lausanne office
St. Gallen office
100 Liipers
Holacracy & Bern office
Basel office
200+ Liipers

What we do at Liip

We want to understand our clients and find the best solution for their users. We therefore create our websites, apps and online shops using agile working methods – from coming up with the initial idea to developing the solution. Together, we test and adapt, and learn and optimise – exactly how custom development should be! We stand for digital progress: user-oriented innovations with a social, environmental and economic impact. This is valued by us, our clients and award panels.

The solution tailored to your users

Our organisational model

The classic organisational pyramid with managers who make all the decisions is too slow for our projects. We are therefore self-organised and practice Holacracy.

Our areas of expertise

No fake news!

So you think the Liip culture sounds too good to be true? The facts below demonstrate our commitment to diversity, self-organisation and a start-up mentality.

Transparent salaries
Staff turnover
Swiss made software
Women in the tech. business
Wage ratio
Paternity leaves
Office dogs
Coffee cups

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