Apply narrative techniques to communicate a message and convey information that aligns with your organisation's strategic goal, ethics and values.

Stories reflect corporate goals and social expectations

If your organisation is challenged by packaging corporate goals into a narrative engaging with your audience’s expectations or intrinsic motivation, strategic storytelling can be of great support. Social norms and values are becoming increasingly important and strongly influence your internal and external communications, especially on digital platforms. Staying in line with them is key. However, greater reach is both an opportunity and a challenge. Strategic storytelling needs to be precise, proven, and trustworthy in a society that is slowly becoming more knowledgeable about content.

Purpose is key

We play a pivotal role in enhancing strategic storytelling. We leverage our expertise in digital platforms, purpose-driven and ethical communication, and audience knowledge. In cooperation and through comprehensive digital strategies, we craft compelling narratives, ensuring seamless integration across various content formats and online channels. In close collaboration with your organisation, we focus on strategies that also address topics like sustainability or diversity and integration.

Good stories are created in collaboration

In workshops and co-creation sessions, we analyse and challenge the status quo, speculate about the future, and develop values and visions that are both important and suitable for your strategic storytelling. To translate these findings into a final story, the values and visions developed are enriched by a specific character, a storyline, a plot and emotions. The strategy or story can help boost identification with the organisation in an internal and external context. Strategic storytelling is about creating a feel-good narrative, translating the organisation’s purpose, and making it more accessible to the user.

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