What do we do?

Awesome digital products

We develop, design, consult and follow-up: We are your innovative partner from the 1st idea to the end product and beyond.


Offering your customers the perfect experience!

First-rate user experience is key to boosting your sales. Thanks to our expertise your customers will love and want to buy your products.

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Content Management

Standardised and flexible solutions

Content management is a delicate operation that involves striking a fine balance between standardised and firm-specific requirements.

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User Experience

Drives customer loyalty

Users wants straightforward processes and clear, easy-to-understand interfaces. We help you to identify and win over your customer base, making it easier for you to reach your targets sooner than expected.

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Custom or standard solution as service

We deliver eLearning packages that make it easier for you to distribute your learning content electronically. We offer complete technologically advanced eLearning solutions that are also available as Software as a Service (SaaS).

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Open Data

Unlocking innovation

We design and build high-specification open data platforms for government agencies. We also offer our clients the option of an integrated content management system.

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Native Cross Platform Apps

Giving you full control

We craft complete and efficient apps that people own, like and use every day. Be it a business tool, m-commerce, a new channel for your content or an innovative idea.

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Optimise your digital performance

The web analytics solutions we conceive and implement deliver 360° view on your digital performance, and provide you with a host of actionable insights.

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Making data usable

Use data as a platform, grow your business efficiency and boost your innovation with a high performance API-strategy

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Innovative solutions for financial services

With FinForce+, we combine the best of product development and agile methods to achieve superlative results.

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Strategic consulting and audit

Achieve your objectives

Whatever the issue, our expertise can help you decide your strategy and achieve your objectives.

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What do our solutions look like?

Nice and consistent

With your goals in mind, we build high-end solutions that we are proud of.

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Our passion

Innovation mindset

There is no secret... We tell you the whole story in the following articles :

Tatjana Nebel

Competitive Intelligence – Real-time Market Research

If a business is to stay one step ahead of its rivals, it needs to keep very close tabs on them. Datacrawler and SaaS solutions like “Boomerang Commerce” make it easier for companies to harvest and process information about their competitors. These data lets retailers, for example, compare its prices, product segments and special offers with those of its nearest rivals, and thereby sharpen their competitive edge.

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Simon Erhardt

Traineeships at Liip – A First-Hand Account

I wrote my first programme when I was 12. It was a small website for my class which let us message each other. This was really handy because, at that time, you still had to pay to send text messages from your mobile phone. Since then, programming has become a real passion for me!

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Tatjana Nebel

Social Shopping – The Latest E-Commerce Trend

Experts have long preached that businesses need to connect to new audiences wherever they are. Initially, attention turned to the internet, then to mobile devices. But it seems that there is a more obvious route: social media.

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Oliver Price

Odoo Tested by Qoqa – Salon Ecom 2016

This conference is presented by Luc Maurer (Camptocamp SA), who explains the advantages of the open ERP “Odoo”, and by Pascal Meyer (QoQa Services SA), who vividly demonstrates the importance of finding a good integrator. At Liip, we integrated this ERP in our work with Swiss Post.

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