Banking in the digital world means a flawless user experience for everyone
Website for BCF
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The new platform for MyBCF includes the website, a client portal and a personalised Intranet solution. This ecosystem was all designed and developed over the past years. Thanks to the great collaboration with BCF, we can guarantee a flawless user experience for all stakeholders.

The BCF has been working with Liip for many years. Thanks to our fruitful discussions and the expertise of the Liip team, the BCF has been able to implement a long-term, consistent digital strategy.

Anne Maillard
Member of the Board

More than just a relaunch – digital progress across all channels

Evolution instead of revolution! This is the motto of our long-standing collaboration with the Banque Cantonale de Fribourg. Together, we use agile methods of working to enhance the bank’s digital solutions step by step, platform by platform.

Digitalisation on every level: how the digital age is promoting and demanding long-term, continuous development

Agile development done right

Releasing large applications in the banking environment carries risks. That’s why it is crucial to work agile, release frequently, reprioritise if needed, and be transparent with all parties involved. For BCF we created APIs and chose to develop an index rather than simply the next monolithic architecture.

Reducing complexity by decoupling architecture while using API Gateway and Portals are the key factors to this long-term project