Perfecting user experience with UX Writing.

Content is rarely tailored to users’ needs

Writing while considering the user's needs and expectations is not easy. When presenting a product or offering an experience, businesses tend to focus on selling it to the user and getting them to buy it. But by doing so, we neglect the most important thing: what the user wants. Just as UX Design provides an interactive visual experience tailored to the user’s needs, UX Writing turns content into a human-like assistant that guides the user with empathy at every step of their journey.

UX Writing, a bridge between you and the user

To connect with the user, you need to speak their language. This varies depending on their country, region (French, German or Italian-speaking Switzerland, etc.), culture and even age. We start by understanding the users' mental models so that we can adapt the language accordingly. When writing for users, we apply the best practices of UX writing, which ensure that buttons, microcopy and overall content are clear, consistent, direct and accessible. In short, what the user needs.

Supporting you in writing for the user

Depending on your goals, we plan workshops to help your team grasp best practices or work directly on optimising your content. We usually start by doing a UX writing audit on selected pages of your website or app. We then present the results and provide tips to help you understand how and where to elevate your user experience. We may also need to define UX writing guidelines, a tone map, or a tone of voice for you to perfect your overall content. Usually, we edit the screens provided directly in your Figma file. If you need additional input regarding your UX writing, we can support you by being your sparring partner. We also offer user interviews to evaluate the impact and accuracy of your content with real users’ feedback.

Users with a positive experience are more likely to return

Think of it just like a shopping experience. If you enter a shop and the salesperson is welcoming, treats you with the utmost respect and professionalism, and quickly understands what you need, chances are you will either buy one of their products or return. It is natural for users to look for positive interactions online or on an app. UX writing is about finding the right words to direct this experience throughout the user’s journey while remaining simple, accessible and empathic. The way you speak to your users will not only improve their online experience, it will also make your website or app sound even more appealing, while reducing costs and time spent assisting the user via alternative routes.