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Website for dormakaba

dormakaba, a long-established Swiss company, wanted to overhaul its web presence. This included its Group-wide pages and its 'country pages'. The new motto is 'customer first'. The objective was an increase in effectiveness and efficiency. No sooner said than done.

  • algolia
  • rokka
  • PO Editor
  • Fastly
  • Vue3
  • tailwind

We made the wise choice of teaming up with Liip for our website creation because they have a great understanding of our requirements and have been our reliable partner throughout our digital journey. Their approach has been invaluable, especially in our sector, where user-friendly and efficient interfaces are crucial for success. The synergy of their agility, extensive experience, captivating storytelling, and meticulous planning has been the backbone of our successful collaboration, resulting in a website that perfectly represents our brand and enhances user experience, making us stand out in the competitive industrial access market.

Pablo Gonzalez-Cela
Global Web Product Owner

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