Houston is an innovative communication system in the form of web and mobile applications for the transportation industry. Thanks to voice over IP, the applications allow communication between the drivers and the central operating unit. Houston is an alternative to traditional radio networks.

Liip AG
  • 2016 Meilleur du Web Gold “Technology”
  • 2016 Meilleur du Web Gold “UX”
  • 2016 Best of Swiss Apps Gold “Innovation”
  • 2016 Best of Swiss Apps Silver “Enterprise”

We have network coverage and sound quality that is much better than with the radio system.

Joan Berschy
Member of Management, TPF

The application's voice feedback allows us to be focused on the road during use. I appreciate Houston for its modern user interface and simplicity of use.

Marion Simon
Bus driver, TPF

Houston is the new generation of communication systems, integrating voice over IP (VOIP) technology. Houston connects geographically dispersed workers, vehicle drivers and operators of workstations. Houston allows its users to make targeted, emergency or geolocation-based calls.

Its GPS function allows the users to know the location of each vehicle at any time. The geolocation and integration of a smartphone set up with Houston software into vehicle equipment brings transport into the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).