for Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen

KOMPRA makes the quality of collaborations the focus, and thus enables users to ideally promote individual skills development. With KOMPRA, we have developed a methodological concept that is completely new and unique. Liip has managed to combine the two core elements of coaching and skills development into a user-friendly, visually productive solution. During KOMPRA’s further development, I was delighted with the team’s creativity and motivation to find the best solutions, including unconventional ones in the face of challenges. Thank you for your fantastic collaborative work.

Samuel Krattenmacher
Project Manager Lecturer/Mentor

Reinventing the world of coaching

KOMPRA is about further refining the targeted skills development offered by coaches. This involves working together to define goals, then examining and documenting developmental progress. With KOMPRA, these once analogue stages have been digitalised and visualised, with all obstacles to personal progress thus removed.

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