Complexity made user-friendly
for ETH Departement Architektur
2018 Best of Swiss Web Silver “Public Affairs”

How, where and under what conditions is it worthwhile constructing a building? These questions were tackled on behalf of the Chair of Architecture and Building Process at ETH Zurich’s Department of Architecture. Enabling the translation of the complicated calculation for building costs into an app.

Digital learning in a digital classroom is a key topic at ETH. We are already making active use of the app and would like to thank Liip for their involvement. Our students are delighted – a maths-heavy subject has been brought to life and become a tangible experience.

Hannes Reichel
Lecturer under the Chair of Architecture and Building Process held by Professor Sacha Menz, Department of Architecture, ETH

Bringing maths to life

The task was to transform complex calculations and to digitalise five teaching modules. With the app, Liip has managed to make the maths element of architectural studies fun.

Overview of app functions

The shapefiles behind the app architecture

Shapefiles were used as the data basis for the ETH real estate economics app. This was in order to provide information about building sites in the city of Zurich.

Using shapefiles