Sustainability meets technology and Iot with Urban Connect
Android App & iOS App for Urban Connect
2018 Best of Swiss Apps Gold “Enterprise”
  • Kotlin (Android)
  • Swift (iOS)

Urban Connect provides a complete e-mobility fleet solution for companies. Google and Hiltl for example, choose Urban Connect to provide fleets of e vehicles for their employees; a stylish, fun and very eco-friendly way to get around.

We wanted to enable our users to have a seamless and super convenient reservation and locking experience - one that at the same time minimizes the effort on their companies part. After interviewing many different providers, we went with Liip because of their values, their pragmatic, agile approach and their relentless focus on the enduser.

Judith Haeberli
CEO & Co-Founder of Urban Connect

Changing the way we commute to work!

This is the guiding principle of Urban Connect – a start-up that makes it easier for the employees of large businesses to travel to work using fleets of smart E-bikes, E-cars, and E-scooters.

A technical innovation with high user participation lies at the heart of this app: the smartphone transforms into an E-vehicle booking system with a built-in key. This ‘no-key’ technology innovation is based on an IoT (Internet of Things) smart lock device. This system revolutionises the use of E-vehicles. This is because, as a Google employee has said, ‘a Tesla key for bikes’ has been developed. A further core function of the app is its simple booking and reporting system, which conserves resources for customers of Urban Connect and simultaneously helps achieve sustainability goals. In addition, the app’s user experience impresses with its colours, designs and simplicity.

A new sustainable way to commute

User first is our approach, whatever we do. IoT can be a bigger challenge than developing a custom website or platform. There is a lock and an app and all works digital. For the behind the scenes knowledge in IoT and app development we had to ideate first.

An ioT go live with challenges and a lot of success

Sustainability and technology it’s a match

Be fully involved from the start, and working in an entrepreneurship spirit is what we love. And we care about sustainability - a lot. So does Urban Connect who designed a new business model in B2B and changed the way to commute. The digital solution to support this sustainable way of commuting needed the perfect user journey and a robust solution in no time.

How to generate impact by launching a technological innovation within a year.