«Close the Gaps» — How women can rule the financial world
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2022 Best of Swiss Web Bronze “Digital Campaign”
2022 Best of Swiss Web Bronze “Public Value”

elleXX wants to shake things up: The financial gaps in a woman's life are everywhere. It starts with pocket money and goes all the way to pensions. Women have fewer financial resources than men. This is what elleXX addresses, and they clearly show where the gaps are. In addition, the company publishes new articles, columns and interviews on equality every day.

Liip was the first to believe in us. Without this strong tech partner, elleXX would not exist. The passion and commitment for the platform were unique. Liip has been instrumental in bringing women out of financial and economic dependency with digital help, thus initiating a major social change. Together we have always felt like one big team - and still do.

Patrizia Leari, Nadine Juergensen, Simone Zueger

More than a website - it’s a movement

With its daily journalistic content, elleXX creates visibility for the gaps in gender equality, introduces pioneers, ideas and solutions, and brings new aspects to the topic into the conversation. Thanks to the possibility for users to support elleXX through membership, elleXX is also shaping a new financing model for journalistic content.

How an idea becomes public value - the gender gap concerns all of us

«Close the Gaps» on all channels

elleXX is more than just financial products for women. The website elleXX.com marked the launch of a multimedia campaign on 20.10.2021. But there is far more to the campaign than its financial aspects.

How digital campaigning works in the financial world

Ghost and API layer

The new open-source CMS Ghost is not only used by Nasa or Apple, but also by elleXX. The CMS enables the management of subscribers and is connected to various peripheral systems of elleXX and partners via an API layer.

The technology behind the campaign - or how we developed the open-source cms