Become a hero for your loved ones - even after your death
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The death of a loved one is a huge challenge. Emotionally, of course. But it can also bring huge administrative work, and force you to take decisions on things related to the dead that are far from trivial. Should they be buried or cremated? What will happen to their Facebook account? Tooyoo is a digital platform that securely stores their final requests to ease your life after they pass away. Step by step, Tooyoo helps you to handle the administrative and organisational procedures reliably, easily and intuitively.

We have set up a collaboration with Liip. It is this desire to succeed together that has allowed us to develop We are very happy to have been able to count on their technical and branding expertise: SEO, UX, development, digital campaigns, remarketing and scrum.

Julien Ferrari
Operations Happyender in Chief

Tooyoo - A platform to break the taboo

The platform breaks what is a taboo subject in Switzerland and helps to organise the digital afterlife. Tooyoo allows the legacy contacts to access the data of the deceased. All the information is stored in a secure digital safe in Switzerland. It is protected through an automatic end-to-end encryption. Only authorised legacy contacts or representatives can access it after the death has been decreed by an official death certificate.

Tooyoo can be accessed from anywhere on any device. Its interface is kept deliberately simple. Changes can be made at any time without problems.

Manage the transmission safe and sound - A taboo topic simplified with agile methods

Tooyoo contacted us with the idea of creating a platform to make life easier for loved ones after death. In short: a new way to talk about death - we were immediately enthusiastic. Six months later, we went live with a multilingual platform focused on the user.

An easy to use platform thanks to great user experience - this is how it works

From an idea to a digital platform

It all started with a business case at La Mobilière. Now 5 years later, tooyoo has increased the usability and is still as accessible as ever. Thanks to several iterations a long term relationship has been established.

What our clients say about the tool and the collaboration