The data portal for open government data in Switzerland
Website for Bundesamt für Statistik is Switzerland’s open government data portal. It offers data about social demographics, spatial development, the environment, health care, mobility and the economy, free of charge and in a machine-readable format. is based on CKAN, an established open source data management system.

We were looking for a suitable supplier, and we found a valuable addition to our team. Our collaboration focused not only on what needed to be provided, but also on how we could work together to achieve our goals. Liip’s combination of strong technical expertise and results-oriented project management contributed hugely to the success of our project.

Juan Pablo Lovato
Open Government Data unit /

Long-term relationships and open data are what make the difference

Open data began gaining a foothold in Switzerland in 2013, but we had already been on board for several years. We created an expandable IT architecture and a distinctive image for the open government data portal nearly ten years ago. Our relationship with open data stretches back a long way, and will continue into the future.

The new decoupled front end

Open government data is a global movement to make official data available to the general public, unless this is not possible for data protection or safety reasons. The aim is firstly transparency, and secondly the added social value that results from the free use of data. The portal was made using a mix of various technologies. However, the primary technology is called CKAN

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