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Generative AI tools like ChatGPT

Navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape is a challenge, particularly with the advent of generative artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, which are becoming integral to private and professional realms. These tools, mainly based on large language models (LLMs), can understand and generate text, images, and audio. This creates new opportunities but also uncertainties. Organisations in different sectors – including yours – must find ways to use these technologies to improve their efficiency, engage users, and stay at the forefront of their fields. The challenge extends beyond mere implementation; it's about ensuring these technological solutions align with strategic objectives, comply with industry standards, and deliver tangible results.

AI @Liip: from initial trials to client projects

Responsible AI integration for innovation and ethics

We understand the complexity of integrating AI into your operations. And offer solutions that align with your strategic ambitions, legal obligations, and bigger goals. Our approach is about technological improvements and responsible, ethical use of technology that creates long-term value. Examples of our work include ZüriCityGPT, which revolutionised information accessibility in Zurich. It demonstrates our commitment to practical, innovative solutions. Our AI integrations are designed to increase efficiency and user engagement, ensuring your investment in AI aligns with your company’s broader objectives and the evolving landscape of AI applications.

Our expertise: Integrating AI ethically

As a Swiss digital agency, we specialise in integrating AI solutions into your digital ecosystem, fostering innovation and efficiency. Our organisational form, Holacracy and agile practices ensure adaptability and alignment with your needs. We create AI-powered experiences that resonate with users, placing a strong emphasis on ethical technology and sustainability. Our expertise goes beyond simply using standard AI tools and has the potential to transform user interaction and information accessibility, as our collaboration with many clients demonstrates. We offer tailor-made solutions that integrate innovation, reliability and a deep understanding of user experience.

Know-how to help you achieve your goals, made in Switzerland

Our collaboration aims to secure lasting benefits for your organisation, leveraging Swiss expertise in adaptability and environmental stewardship. Our intelligent solutions are strategic improvements tailored to complement your long-term objectives and embrace the transformative potential of AI. We focus on seamless integration of AI capabilities, aiming for sustained improvement and alignment with your objectives. Above all, our commitment is to support your continuous progress and achieving your goals through a responsible approach focused on digital progress and environmental awareness.

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