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Gerhard Andrey Leader Talk

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KI ist bei Digitalagenturen Teil des Teams

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Le tabou autour du salaire s’effrite, en Suisse aussi

Tabu um den Lohn fällt auch bei uns

Tabu um den Lohn fällt auch bei uns - Bund

Welche Rahmenbedingungen sollten verändert werden?

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About Liip

Liip is a Swiss digital agency with a strong mindset. For more than a decade, Liip has been helping customers overcome digital challenges – from developing award-winning online platforms, mobile apps and online shops, through to coaching sessions for new ways of working. From A to Z we cover with experts in strategy, ideation, user experience and custom development – whether start-up, large company or federal authority, from retail to mobility. Rather than off-the-peg solutions, we offer digital progress: user-centred innovations with a social, environmental and economic impact. Liip works in an agile way in self-organised teams using Holacracy. This means no bosses, just lots of entrepreneurship and drive – and even more diversity, open source ideas and creative approaches. This is valued by not only our around 200 employees, but also customers and award panels.