Relaunch and new ways to donate online

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The new Swissaid website makes it easy for visitors to donate online or purchase products support its projects in the developing world. As well as designing and building the site, Liip contributed to the charity’s work by waiving a sizeable chunk of its fee for the development work.

With a little help from Liip, Swissaid, an overseas aid charity, now has a clean, crisp and modern website. As well as richly illustrated photo reportages on Swissaid projects in nine countries, the website now allows visitors to make online donations with Paypal. Alternatively, donors can head to the e-shop and purchase a token farm animal. The contribution is then transferred to local communities either as a support for education or as an investment in transport. The new website is attractive and accessible, and the strip of hearts in the Swissaid logo can now also be unfolded online.

Technologically advanced

Liip used Drupal 7, the latest version of the open-source content management system Drupal. During the development process, Liip updated several of its modules for use with Drupal 7. With help from the Liip innovation programme, Drupal was expanded so that it could be used alongside Git as a versioning tool and with Debian Packages as a deployment tool More information:


«SWISSAID is looking forward to reaching new supporters and donors through this clear and pleasing website.»

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