Putting users first

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Ann-Kristin Gehringer and her project team knew exactly what they wanted when it came to the new Schaffhausen Cantonal Bank (SHKB) website. To make sure that the site met the needs of the bank, its customers and site users, the team called in Liip.

Who are the Schaffhausen Cantonal Bank’s customers? Who visits the website and what kind of information are they looking for? These were just some of the questions that Liip and SHKB had to answer before getting down to the serious business of overhauling the bank’s online presence. Given its wide-ranging service portfolio, the cantonal bank has a broad and extensive customer portfolio: individuals, businesses, teenagers, students, families and retirees, to name but a few. The new website therefore would have to let every single one of these customers find quickly and simply the information they need.

Valuing new ideas and feedback

Liip’s user-experience specialists and the SHKB team decided to analyse the content of the existing site and then sort it by topic. Starting from scratch, they jointly worked out what content belonged together, identified which users would be interested in which content, and figured out what the most effective menu structure would be. Liip then used the results to create a brand-new navigation menu.

In the interests of maximum of usability, Liip asked a wide range of testers – young, old, digital novices and power users, to search and find content in the prototype navigation menu. Liip’s UX team tracked the number of clicks and time that each tester needed to complete their search successfully, and then used this information to fine-tune the navigation.

Visual user guide

As well as improving site navigation, the Liip team focused their attention on integrating an autocomplete functionality. This means that as the user types in his search (a minimum of four letters), seven suggestions – or search terms – will appear on screen. The SHKB defined these terms based on their relevance to a given key word.

Standardised icons are used to improve content recognition value. They appear not only in the autocomplete search but also on every single content page, and are perfectly suited for use in other forms of SHKB communication.

The new website visually guides the user. For example, the simple mortgage calculator, with its easy-to-understand colour scale, lets users estimate the maximum mortgage they can afford. 

Furthermore, each content page features clearly defined content blocks that help users navigate their way through the different topics. The responsive design of the website means that content   can be viewed on any mobile device or desktop. 

Banking on the go

More and more bank customers want to be able to do their banking online. The new SHKB website now offers a range of online services that users can access, anytime anywhere: on their mobile during their daily commute, on their tablet while watching TV or from their PC. That’s not all! A customer looking to set up a personal account can also choose whether they want to include a Maestro card, e-banking access, e-documents and other additional features in their account package.




«Liip understood our needs perfectly and, throughout the development process, always put the user first. The result is a clear and easy-to-use website that provides users with the information they want, while letting us adapt the content to our customers’ needs. Also, the design of the new landing page allows SHKB to position special promotions and information in a much more visually appealing way.»

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