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Migros knows what its customers want. This is why it created Migipedia, an online community platform that not only allows customers to share their views on Migros products but also actively promotes crowd-based product innovation.

A success story

In recent years Migipedia has become a key communication tool for Migros. Liip has accompanied Migros every step of the way - from pilot project to fully-fledged and pioneering community platform.

Migipedia offers customers a unique platform to share their opinions on Migros products and actively contribute to product innovation.

What makes Migipedia so groundbreaking is its combination of product catalogue and social interaction capabilities.

Focus on customer dialogue

What makes Migipedia stand out from other community platforms is its openness and transparency. Migros customers receive all the information that exists on the entire product range, right up to the in-store availability of their chosen products. They can also rate or test products and help decide which new products will make it to the launch phase.

The entire platform is built and designed to promote dialogue. The well-structured blog and editorial contributions lead to a real two-way conversation with Migros customers. Added to this is the integration of the Migros customer service, M-Infoline.

Migipedia is being developed all the time, releasing new functions and improvements to new products every month. Users have the opportunity of actively helping to shape Migipedia by providing their input on discussion forums and by rating products.


In terms of the catalogue function, Migipedia uses a version whose design has been adapted to mirror that of, a site which Liip also developed. This approach means that synergies can be fully exploited during the development phase.

Liip also developed the Migros products’ API, i.e. the intelligent backend behind This centralises data from the various systems and forms the core of the Migros multichannel strategy.

Partner companies used Lithium to implement the community functions, while Liip integrated rating and comment functions, as well as queries submitted directly to M-Infoline into the products’ API. Migipedia is not the only winner from this flawless blend of product information and community functions. The API means that these two features will, in future, be present in all Migros applications, and that Migros can enjoy real online dialogue with its customers via Migipedia.

Cutting-edge technology

Migipedia was developed specifically with the needs of Migros in mind. Liip rose to this exacting challenge by opting for Symfony 2. This web framework contains a series of reusable PHP components which allow developers to implement standard functions that can be easily tested and maintained. The Symfony 2 framework means that components developed specifically for the project can also be maintained and reused.

The modular architecture of Symfony 2 has allowed the development teams to integrate in Migipedia without any problems. The caching proxy Varnish is used to guarantee excellent availability.


«Liip built the first online dialogue platform for Migros. enables us to interact with our customers in a timely manner. Using Scrum was worth it: it simply allowed us to be flexible in responding to the customer's wishes and promptly implement necessary adjustments in the application.»


«We’re very happy and proud to have developed a revitalized version of Migipedia. For this process, it was important that we could work together with a reliable team. Liip knows both Migipedia and Migros the best and has proven to be a dependable and competent partner.»


«Integrating into the Migipedia site has allowed us to exploit a host of synergies and in doing so, we have not had to develop a stand-alone product catalogue that would have been expensive to maintain. Thanks to the Migipedia-specific programming at the frontend, users can still enjoy the same Migipedia design.»

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