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For a prestigious international watch brand, we created a web application connected to an API, 100% compliant with IT and security regulations.

Background: need for ultra-security

To create watches, this prestigious international watch brand makes its own production units in-house in compliance with ultra-secure standards. There is no external connexion; theft of information or taking control of the production line are therefore impossible.
Internal IT Security teams have drawn up a series of rules with which all the equipment must be compliant.

Challenge: plugins not compliant with IT security requirements

The production machines are managed by command computers. These computers display the status of the production machines managed by them in real time.
The intention had been to assure communication between the production machines and the controlling computers by Windows plugins. These plugins were not supported and were not validated by the IT Security teams.

Objective: 100% compliance with IT security

Our aim was to have a production line 100% validated by the IT Security teams. We needed to create a web solution which would enable the production line to operate without plugins. Plugins are in fact dangerous because they are liable to introduce viruses or other malware. IT security therefore prohibits any installation of such third party software.

The solution: an application without web sockets

Web sockets do not work in Windows Internet Explorer 9. That is why the IT team for this watch brand wanted to use plugins.
With the help of a “polling” mechanism, we created an industrial application which enables the status of the production machine to be displayed on the command computer in real time.

Conclusion: digital transformation

Between century’s old tradition and precision workmanship the aim was to give this luxury brand the benefit of complete security. Our solution is a step towards digitization of the production line processes. We will go on to offer this enterprise mobile applications, 100% compliant with IT and security regulations. These applications will also enable the technicians to gain precious time.






«Changes of web browser or operating system may complicate communication between a production line and the command computers. Continuity of the line had to be assured while respecting extremely stringent IT security instructions. A web application connected to an API enables this enterprise to respect all its security instructions on a sustainable basis.»

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