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The Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich (HWZ) is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland which exclusively offers part-time study programmes. With its 30th anniversary around the corner, the HWZ decided the time had come to refresh its brand and give its online presence a makeover. The result: a clean, contemporary WordPress-based website.

The brand redesign process was also an opportunity for the HWZ to revamp and streamline its existing website. Thanks to its pared-down and efficient structure, the new website lets users find what they are looking for easily and effectively. Also, the new HWZ corporate identity offers a more intuitive and enjoyable online experience. The site was built and implemented by the web agency Liip.

“What are you looking for?”

These are the first words that greet visitors on the HWZ landing page. To identify the fullest range of possible answers to this question, the project team, led by Sandra Bornand, conducted a user survey and organised several user experience workshops. Focusing on user needs enables the team to objectively analyse and rate the existing website, its structures and content.

Once the results of the survey and workshops were in, Liip sat down with HWZ to develop a new structure for the website. Whether they are looking for information on the type of study programmes or on the actual course design, users will find the answer on the new landing page. The fact that the HWZ can also add contact names and details to each page means that site users immediately know the person they can talk to should they have any queries.

WordPress gets results

The descriptions of the 90+ study programmes follow the same clear, streamlined structurewhich makes it easier to find content, and process it too. The HWZ wanted it new-look online presence to be, first and foremost, a dynamic communication tool rather than a standard static website. Liip therefore opted for WordPress, an open-source CMS which makes it possible to edit content without having to call in the experts, and to assign different access levels and capabilities to different user groups. Also, WordPress will let the HWZ develop and extend the functionality of its site (integration of media-sharing services like YouTube and Instagram).

«From start to finish, we enjoyed a real partnership with Liip and got real results. The project was managed professionally and the technical implementation remains stable.»

«The new HWZ website supports all kinds of visitors. Its fresh design and simple structure reflect user needs and the great partnership that exists between the HWZ and its stakeholders.»

«Once again we were able to demonstrate the incredible potential of WordPress CMS to improve the online experience of both administrators and end users.»

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