Re-design and new publishing system in one

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Re-design and new publication system in one.

Once, all Content Management Systems (CMS) had to do was to manage information that appeared on websites. Today, it is quite a different story. With ever more information being published online, CMS have to be highly efficient and satisfy the demands of 21st century departments.

When re-designing the Die Volkswirtschaft platform, the project team made the decision to bring in a modern web CMS to replace the existing editorial system, which was more geared to print production. Time to call Liip… 


When Liip is involved in a project where a complete system overhaul is required, their specialists first analyse their customer’s current processes and compare them with the actual needs of users. 

And so it was for the Die Volkswirtschaft project. The end result was an optimised media-neutral workflow. Now articles can be processed to make them print-, web- and/or tablet app-compatible. The new system also allows the editorial team to adapt the content according to the medium, thanks to a fully responsive design, inclusion of auto-resizing graphics, and much more besides.

A Technically Tricky, Yet Economical Solution

Liip proposed a 100% WordPress-based solution. A huge range of editorial requirements, WordPress meets straight out of the box. The solution proved to be a winner with the project management team because in technically creative and unique solution with “digital-first”, graphics can be generated for web and directly integrated into print. The result: a lean, clean, economical solution to a complex job.


«Working with Liip was straightforward, the implementation process was professionally managed, and the team strongly identified with the project!»

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