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Clientis is not one but 18 different banks. It got Liip on board to help it develop a website that would allow customers to locate their nearest Clientis bank with a minimum of effort.

Clientis is a group of independent Swiss regional banks. Its core business is mortgage lending, which are mostly financed through funding deposits. Its customers range from private individuals to SMEs, right up to large institutions.

Top navigation

The challenge that the project faced was implementing the priority themes as simply as possible. Liip worked closely with the customer to identify user needs. All of the new websites have an eye-catching horizontal navigation bar at the top of each page, featuring the main fields of business of each of the 18 Clientis banks, as well as a locator tool on the landing page of the Clientis Group website. The top navigation makes it easy for visitors to access information on the banking service they are interested in. Another important feature is the centralised, streamlined management of all content from the 18 individual websites.

Technical support

Liip used the open-source content management system, Drupal, to develop the 19 websites of the Clientis Group. WVC Communications was in charge of the overall design.


«We knew that we had set the developers a major challenge when we asked them to create 18 versions of the Clientis website. But Liip rose to it with aplomb and won us over with their ideas. For example, the whole process of identifying the most relevant content for users and bringing it out on the website was an all-round success.»


«The challenge was developing a centralised system to manage the web content of all 18 banks, even though most of it was identical. It is important that a central webmaster has control over the content and that the editing rights of each bank were limited to specific content. In terms of UX, the websites had to clearly show that each of the banks were stand-alone entities and not simply Clientis.»

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