Smart & friendly

Our teams

The people in our teams are all experts in their fields and benefit from unprecedented working conditions, such as an annual Education-budget and paternity leave. Since Work/Life-Balance is essential, part-time is strongly encouraged.


Software Development

User Experience


Business Development

Our mission

Responsibility, social & environmental awareness

We love our work. Since good ideas can only thrive in the proper climate, we treat each other well and do our best to take care of the environment.

A real sense of responsibility

We are an experienced, well-matched, agile and dependable team. We help shape projects, design work cycles, and decide on the organisational structure of our firm. This generates added value and gives each of us the freedom to develop and share our ideas.

Socially and environmentally aware

In Switzerland, we get from A to B on public transport or by bike. Fairness, transparency and family-friendly working conditions make for a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. We are open and honest with our customers.

Striving to be better

We staunchly believe in lifelong learning and take full advantage of the wide range of training opportunities on offer to us. We are constantly “on the go” and actively seek out dialogue through our involvement in communities, blogposts and public techtalks.

Our manifesto

Liip Agile Manifesto

Our Partners

Focus on the expertise

To be able to concentrate on what we do best, we rely on partners who also concentrate on what they do best.


Company logo of Aspectra AG, Zurich

Aspectra AG, Zurich

Aspectra is Switzerland’s leading dedicated hosting provider, with particular expertise in mission-critical applications and maximum security solutions for sensitive data. This means that Aspectra’s customers can rely on uninterrupted business operations and round-the-clock monitoring of their IT infrastructures.

Company logo of Nine Internet Solutions AG, Zurich

Nine Internet Solutions AG, Zurich is the leading provider for high availability and scalable hosting platforms based on open source technologies. Their well-known clients appreciate the secure and cost efficient operation as well as the personal and qualified support.

Company logo of GmbH, Basel GmbH, Basel is a Linux-based services company that specialises in high performance and reliable VPS or dedicated server, along with strong expertise in hosting for Adobe AEM (formerly CQ), Magnolia CMS and other open-source solutions such as Ruby on Rails. is focused on the customer, providing services that are personalised and flexible, with effective and friendly human support. IBM and Cisco Partner.

Company logo of is a groundbreaking hosting and development tool for web applications for both small to large websites. It extends a branch-merge workflow to infrastructure so that every branch can easily be deployed for testing, even with production data.


Company logo of LerNetz AG, Bern

LerNetz AG, Bern

LerNetz AG is our partner of choice when it comes to the design of complex and individual learning applications. From its offices in Berne, LerNetz uses its educational expertise to develop innovative e-learning solutions.

User and Customer Experience

Company logo of :ratio Lausanne

:ratio Lausanne

:ratio is a Lausanne based user experience agency that strives to make the Web a better place to experience and enjoy. They are passionate with User Research, Information Architecture, Usability Testing and Interface Design.

Open Data

Company logo of Golliez Open Data Consulting, Zurich

Golliez Open Data Consulting, Zurich

When it comes to open data projects, our preferred partner is Zurich-based firm, Golliez Open Data Consulting. While we focus on what we do best, namely user-centred web design, building IT infrastructures and project development, Golliez Open Data Consulting provides its consulting, governance and project management

Product partnerships

Company logo of Moodle


As an official Moodle partner, we are committed to platform development. Our partnership afford us direct access to the Community and put us ahead of the curve when it comes to product implementation.

Company logo of CKAN


The open-source data portal platform CKAN has become the world's leading software for open data catalogues and portals. It is developed by the Cambridge-based Open Knowledge Foundation. As an OKF Professional Services Partner, Liip influences the roadmap and is supported by the CKAN developers in their projects.

Company logo of Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud

The comprehensive marketing solution for content management and web analytics from Adobe. As an Adobe Community Partner, Liip works closely with Adobe Switzerland and enjoys access to a global pool of talent and expertise.

Company logo of Drupal Association

Drupal Association

The Drupal Association is an educational non-profit organization that tasks itself with fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, the community and its growth.