Avoid flying blind

SEO without analytics is like flying blind. Make decisions based on reliable data on user behaviour observed on your channels. Digital channels and platforms continuously provide information on how users are engaging with your content. Only when you really know your customers can you also continuously adapt your website to meet their needs.

Analysis for continuous improvement

We help you launch a data-driven digital strategy. We derive key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the time spent on your website, the termination rate and the order value, from your corporate objectives. These help you to continuously provide targeted improvements that boost the performance of your online presence.

Free your mind to make strategic decisions

Together we will find the best tool for your analysis, such as Google Analytics, Matomo or a customised application programming interface (API). We maintain and enhance your analysis tools, create reports and dashboards, and fine-tune the parameters. We pave the way for your digital analytics culture, so your mind can be free to focus on the strategic decisions instead.

Fabian Ryf
Service Designer, Lead Digital Analytics & Performance


Definition of goals and  KPI


Implementing the defined configuration


Maintaining and expanding the integration. As well as creating dashboards and reportings

Training courses

Training and coaching to build up internal knowledge


Do politicians always keep their promises to us when it comes to sustainability? Ecorating tracks the voting behaviour of members of the National Council and Council of States regarding environmental issues.

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Freitag Neo

Neo is the new e-commerce and content platform from Freitag. The website with its own online shop has been supplemented with stories and emotions.

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