Reliable data for measurable success: analytics is the key

Your challenge: making your digital strategy measurable

Your website relaunch is coming up – and this time you want to do it right. Why grope about in the dark when you could measure the results of the actions set in your digital strategy? As well as offering a couple of unbeatable arguments for developing features further based on data, this will also make your customers happy: only when you really know your users can you also continuously adapt your website to meet their needs – and thus generate more traffic and conversions.

Our response: analytics tools to stop you flying blind

In the digital world, everything is measurable – every click, every interaction, everything. Analytics puts this to good use: with our popular analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Matomo, you can find out how your users behave on your website, in your app or on your online shop. As well as making your digital strategy’s ROI measurable, you can also begin making decisions based on reliable data.

It also provides a sound foundation for your UX design, Service Design and Content strategy. Even SEO is left flying blind without analytics: the only way you can monitor the success of your search engine optimisation is if you know who visits your website using what search terms and how your users navigate the site.

What we do

We support you with your data-driven digital strategy. For a relaunch, this generally includes a full range of services: an audit, key performance indicator (KPI) definition & tracking, integration & testing, and data visualisation in dashboards, using Google Data Studio or Tableau, for example. We maintain and enhance your analysis tools, create reports, and fine-tune the parameters.

Alternatively, our analytics experts can offer you targeted assistance where you need it, for example with coaching sessions or by evaluating analytics solutions. Or they can help you define KPIs based on your business objectives. None of this is new to us: we have worked with customers large and small, and on analytics challenges ranging from the simple to the complex.

The pay-off

You can see what needs optimising by looking at the click rates after your product launch, the success of campaign X compared with campaign Y, or the trend in newsletter registrations over the past three weeks, for example. A more significant amount of reliable data means a sounder basis for your decisions. You will finally know where you need to do some work to make your customers happy. How can that not give you a clear competitive edge?

Fabian Ryf
Lead Digital Analytics & Performance

KPI Definition

Through a workshop, we will help you define your key performance indicators, allowing you to evaluate the success of your website.

Analytics Audit

Let us review your analytics and tag manager installation and give constructive feedback on where we see improvements.

Digital Analytics Consulting and Coaching

From selecting the right analytics tool to getting a better understanding and evaluating your data collected, we are here to support you in getting more out of your analytics setup.

Analytics and Tag Management Conception and Setup

Using your already defined data collection requirements, we will conceive how the information is collected best and set up the tracking.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Start optimising your content to increase your conversion rate.

Analysis and Reporting

Data collected is only useful if you analyse it. You will get a better picture of your website’s performance using tailor-made dashboards.


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