User Experience

User experience as a competitive advantage

Useful, safe and appealing – an effective user experience (UX) meets users’ demands for simple processes and clear layouts. Offer your users a tailored experience, and your content will be successful. Together we can increase the efficiency of your digital products and boost the conversion rate to turn interested users into customers.

Tailored to the target group

We transform your strategy into innovative digital products. To do this, we analyse your target group in context, break down their needs and take them on an exciting customer journey. We think of user experience as an ongoing process where we put ourselves in the users’ shoes, and an exciting design is part of the package.

The digital feel-good factor

Gain your customers’ confidence with intuitive user guidance and logically displayed content. If they feel comfortable with you online, they will come back to you again and again. We can create new, user-friendly websites or rework your existing content to align with your users’ needs. Let’s create websites that have the digital feel-good factor together.

Merlin Zuni
Senior Digital Designer


Do politicians always keep their promises to us when it comes to sustainability? Ecorating tracks the voting behaviour of members of the National Council and Council of States regarding environmental issues.

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Reinventing the world of coaching: KOMPRA, competence-oriented practical support, is a unique coaching platform. In addition to identifying and developing skills in a target-oriented way, this focuses on the coaching process itself.

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Freitag City Guidelines

The navigation system supported by city insiders, offers interactive maps and videos to guide people through the urban jungle.

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