Start optimising your content to increase your conversion rate.

What it’s all about

After collecting enough data, it’s time to start analysing the user journey of the visitors on your website or mobile app - specifically, those that include a conversion. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is all about understanding which users convert and how you can increase that rate. We can analyse it best by starting to use A/B testing tools. Using a hypothesis, we can adapt the website so that subsets of users see one variant and another see a different one.

What you get

Our extensive experience with different websites and clients gives us an upper hand when building hypotheses and implementing variants. Basic principles towards achieving higher conversion rates exist for all users, but your website conversion events and design make every optimisation process unique. We will support you in building up the A/B testing tool of your choice and report on the findings.

Good to know

To conduct CRO, it is necessary that conversions are defined, and data has been collected on these events for a longer period already. We usually like to run a KPI Workshop before starting to work on CRO, as it ensures that the KPIs defined make sense. This allows us to define a baseline for future optimisations. Whether it is purchases, event registrations, or document downloads, a goal of the CRO activity should be set out: do you want to increase the total number of conversions? Over what period of time? For all user segments? Defining these types of variables before starting will make the tests more conclusive. We can help from the technical side and give you recommendations on tests, but it is up to you to identify variables to test - You can also work with our content and UX team for the full package! If you struggle defining variables to test, an analytics coaching might be of interest to you.