Users come for the content

Your challenge: relevant content and more conversions

Your customers visit your website, online shop or app because they are looking for specific content – whether it's to find out about the features of your latest product or just for proof that you are better than your competition. They are not looking for the most innovative design or the fastest page-loading time – they are looking for content. However, it is a major challenge to create content that is easy to find (SEO content is critical), that readers understand and that is engaging and enjoyable enough that they want to return. Or even better, to subscribe to your newsletter or buy something.

Our response: savvy content

Creating good content is not easy. Shure we can all write, but writing in a way that makes content quick and easy for users to find, immediately understandable and still enjoyable to read – that takes more than just writing skills. We value planning, specialist knowledge, technical expertise and creative talent.

To us, content means much more than just text, even if the written word is extremely important. We love thinking outside the box and like to incorporate a full range of media into the concept – from chatbots to podcasts.

What we do

Our goal: content that visitors will understand, enjoy and remember. This requires a strategic foundation, solid guidelines and plenty of craftsmanship.

Step 1: Content strategy

The starting point is the content strategy. This is where we combine your company's goals and your users' needs to find the legendary 'sweet spot'. We use this to derive strong messages and define themes, formats and channels. We always do this in close collaboration with you and our UX Design team.

Step 2: Content guidelines

Now, on to the content guidelines. The name says it all: they contain writing tips and serve as a reference for tone and SEO content. This ensures that the resulting content is consistent, professional and trustworthy.

Step 3: Editorial plan & content creation

During the content creation phase, our content specialists prepare an editorial plan. We then work closely with our analytics experts to create SEO content that makes both search engines and readers happy. This includes articles, teasers and short snippets, as well as buttons, pop-ups and CTAs – because good UX writing makes all the difference.

The pay-off

A triple win for your customers, editorial team and company. The customers enjoy relevant, well-made content and will happily return to your website. The editorial team benefits from having a clear strategy and consistent standards that save the budget (and their nerves). The result: happy customers and employees, meaning more conversions and better work. Congrats!


  • Developing focal topics
  • Content planning using a content matrix


  • Tonality guidelines
  • Writing guidelines
  • SEO guidelines


  • Topic and editorial planning
  • Content production
  • Content distribution

SEO Content

  • Keyword strategy
  • Content structure
  • Content creation

UX Writing

  • UX-Writing
  • Microcopy

Energie 360Β°

Delight employees with digital matchmaking and team challenges: Energie 360Β° promotes fun interactions between members of staff. All of this is completely digital – with a good dash of gamification.

Content guidelines for the canton of St. Gallen

The canton of St. Gallen is setting new benchmarks online: paring things down to the essentials, offering an innovative design and massively reducing content. A wide range of information has been pooled together and is now available using an intelligent, central search function.