Through a workshop, we will help you define your key performance indicators, allowing you to evaluate the success of your website.

What it’s all about

To properly evaluate the success of your website and digital presence, performance metrics need to be conceptualised and defined. Do you want to increase membership registrations? Would you like users to get in touch with you? What about online purchases? All of these are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and we will work with you and your stakeholders to define or redefine these goals for your website, Android or iOS mobile app. During a KPI Workshop, we will define your goals using a high-level approach by connecting them to your overlying business objectives.

These KPIs are then translated into precise event interactions to be implemented with your analytics/tag management system, such as Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Matomo, Piwik PRO or Plausible.

What you get

We find that the best way to drill down on and create your unique KPIs is to invite you and your team for an in-person workshop. We can come to you, or you can visit us in one of our offices. Depending on the size of your team, one or more of our analytics specialists will be happy to join. During the workshop, we will create a better understanding of each KPI and the business objective linked and use our technical analytics expertise to conceptualise a measurement plan.

Good to know

Goal success rates help evaluate the performance of your website or mobile app. Without it, it is difficult to objectively claim whether your website is doing well or not - better said, where is your website achieving its goals and where not. Defining these KPIs together will give you a better overview of the site's interaction tracking, especially what is and is not important.

This might be a chance to learn about new tracking opportunities, so it's beneficial and more efficient if you come to the workshop already knowing all of the functionalities on your website or mobile app.

The Workshop will only lay the groundwork for the implementation. With our extensive experience and knowledge of your KPIs, we would be happy to integrate the discussed tracking. Check out our other Service Analytics and Tag Management Conception and Setup to learn about how we can support you with your setup.