Using your already defined data collection requirements, we will conceive how the information is collected best and set up the tracking.

What it’s all about

Once your KPIs are defined, data needs to be collected.
Your analytics tool must be selected and set up. Your Consent Management Platform (OneTrust, User Centrics, CookieLaw, …) must be integrated. A tag management system or tracking code must be configured and implemented.
Together we conceive and build your analytics setup, so that collected data are sustainable and coherent. We will ensure that the installation works properly and that all aspects are documented accordingly.

What you get

There are 3 distinct deliverables of this service: measurement plan, implementation plan and actual setup of the analytics and tag manager. The measurement plan is a document with an overview of all data collection elements on your website. This document gives you an overview of the collected data by describing under which conditions events are triggered and what data is expected to be sent to the analytics tool. The implementation plan defines the architecture of your analytics setup, meaning how and which tools are communicating with each other. Also, anything hard-coded on your website is documented so that you can easily investigate the data flow and identify the problem when something goes wrong.
Finally, the actual setup; a series of tools collecting data connected to your website - a beautiful web of information producing metrics on your website's or mobile app’s performance.

Good to know

The concept is what provides structure and clarity. Analytics setups are not something you redefine every year, so it's important to get it right the first time and conceive something that can be built on for years to come.
Once the setup is complete, you will only receive data from that point forward, so it's essential to give the reporting time before analysing - this will depend on the amount of data you receive. Our setup will aim to ensure that there is no missing data and that it stays confidential, available and with integrity. We also offer coaching to help you find the information you need.

At Liip, we have experience with a wide range of tools, from Google Analytics 4 to Matomo and Piwik PRO.