Let us review your analytics and tag manager installation and give constructive feedback on where we see improvements.

What it’s all about

No matter the size or complexity of your setup, we recommend an audit because it lays the groundwork for the support ahead. Conducting an audit allows you to identify, prioritise issues and improvements by reviewing your data collection, architecture and infrastructure setup, and legal requirements.

What you get

After a thorough review of your data collection setup (Matomo, Google Analytics 4, Piwik PRO, Plausible, Google Tag Manager), you will receive a document with proposals for improvements about the coverage of the data collection, data quality and data reporting according to your business objectives, KPIs and legal compliance (GDPR, e-Privacy, FADP). Proposals are listed by priority and effort. You will have a much better overview of your analytics setup following the audit and feel more confident acting on the data and planning improvements.

Good to know

We regularly come across analytics setups that do not entirely work. This might be due to neglect over the years or new developments on the website, causing the data quality to sink. It is important to regularly review your analytics setup to ensure data is collected properly and coherently. Depending on the complexity and development rate- we recommend a full audit every 2–3 years. We also recommend an audit before setting up new tracking tools or measurements, so that you get a much better grasp of the setup and costs.