From selecting the right analytics tool to getting a better understanding and evaluating your data collected, we are here to support you in getting more out of your analytics setup.

What it’s all about

Digital Analytics is a wide field that includes many tools and data. It often requires coding, data analysis skills, as well as legal and tool knowledge to collect and retrieve the needed data. From defining the right KPIs to setting up your analytics tool, consent management solution and implementing it in the code, there are many dimensions to consider. We help you to increase your knowledge, and guide you in your challenges when setting up or retrieving data from Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Matomo, Piwik PRO, Looker/Google Data Studio.

Our tailor-made coaching sessions will allow you to pick your brain and gather valuable insights with your setup in mind. Understanding your setup will help you find data easier and give you the confidence to improve and adapt when the time comes.

What you get

Our coaching sessions will help you increase your knowledge internally and give you the confidence to work more independently in applying best practices. Sessions can be tailor-made to your needs and environment. Consulting can include more in-depth discussions about stakeholder management.

Good to know

Knowledge is power. Your better understanding of your tracking setup and reporting will allow you to make data-driven decisions when designing new content, releasing new features or creating campaigns.