Service Design

Service design gets you ready for the digital world

The world has gone digital: it is no longer enough to just design products or touchpoints, customers now expect a holistic experience and every single interaction has to be perfect. Service design orchestrates a company’s processes to ensure that customer experience and internal procedures form a harmonious whole. The result: a positive experience for customers and increased efficiency for the company.

Building on science and lots of practical experience

Findings from the fields of business administration, psychology, sociology and Design Thinking help us to understand customers and employees. During this analysis, operational sequences emerge which will benefit both sides.

From individual parts to a harmonious whole

Our digital thinking and doing represent the core of what we do. We use digital tools and lots of brains to develop smooth processes, both front stage and back stage. This boosts customers’ desire to buy and employees’ enthusiasm about their work. Together, they make sure your company is successful.

Zahida Huber
Service Designer, Lead User Experience

Service Design Workshops

In co-creation workshops, we develop ideas for your digital services, test them and design your business case.

Service Design Sprint

In two to four weeks, we will work out the prerequisites to get started in the project - from the functioning product idea through prototypes to technical clarifications and the Product Backlog.


Would you like more customer focus in the field of digitization? We will go on the way together with you.


Reinventing the world of coaching: KOMPRA, competence-oriented practical support, is a unique coaching platform. In addition to identifying and developing skills in a target-oriented way, this focuses on the coaching process itself.

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Smart Energy Link

Smart Energy Link (SEL) and Liip worked together to develop a service that allows “self-consumption communities” to be easily operated, managed and billed. The centrepiece of the service is a user-friendly customer portal. Self-produced solar energy can now be used economically and conveniently.

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