Web Design

What it’s all about

From a pragmatic perspective, web design means designing a visually appealing website that provides a platform for your product, service or idea. But who wants to be pragmatic? Web design is about emotion, inspiration, pleasant surprises and a spirit of discovery. It is colours, shapes, animations, videos and infographics – but also effortless navigation, accessibility and consistency across all levels. Our web design combines function with aesthetics, and we make sure that your brand shines brighter than others in the digital world.

What you get

Creative minds. Innovative ideas. And a process tailored to your requirements: Do you need a clear structure for your website? We offer you user flows, wireframes, usability tests and design studio workshops. Are you looking for a new digital look for your brand? You get digital branding, design principles and mood boards. Or perhaps your website just needs a little design refresh? Then our web designers have mock-ups, visual prototypes, micro-interactions and animations to help you out.

And no doubt you are wondering how you can ensure the long-term quality and consistency of your new web design in the long run? We can help: our style guides and design systems collate every element of your new web design into a single neatly packaged unit in one place. And, of course, we have reinforcements: depending on the stage in the process and your particular needs, we may join forces with our colleagues from Prototyping, Mobile App Design, User Experience Design or Development.

Good to know

At Liip, we often do things a bit differently. We have therefore also set ourselves high standards for our web design projects in terms of accessibility, inclusive design and ethical design. We want to contribute to ensuring that websites are accessible to all without any discrimination. As well as delighting your users in all their colourful diversity, we are also doing our part to make the digital world a better place. Just a little bit.