Mobile App Design

What it’s all about

What do successful apps have in common? They are all designed in a way that makes them fun to use. We achieve this using technically sophisticated navigation mechanisms and intelligent visual implementation of designs.

Taking the approach that mobile apps are small websites in a portable format are not the right way to go. The focus here are on gestures. Your finger becomes the mouse. The challenge is that all the elements are getting smaller, while at the navigational functions have to be easy to use. This is relevant because, slowly but surely, mobile devices are taking over laptops and PCs.

Our mobile app development teams will make your apps user-friendly and offer the right platform for your product, service or idea.

What you get

We can offer you pioneers, independent thinkers, problem solvers, and an innovative mobile app design. Have you got an idea? Or do you already have an app that you would like to improve? We will help you to identify the key factors of your app because less is more.

Just as in web design, we place the users at the centre of our approach to define the functions and processes that are perfectly adapted to their needs. Of course, the focus is always on making the app easy to navigate, accessible and consistent across all levels. With our UX design, we create a positive user experience even on the smallest of screens.

Good to know

Is this an app or a website? You have probably asked yourself this question before. The line between mobile and web browsers is becoming increasingly blurred. The frameworks used for mobile web applications are continually improving and becoming more flexible, and the designs for these are becoming more and more hybrid. The same goes for mobile apps.

At Liip, we are not attached to a specific platform. When designing a mobile app, we always keep the small screen on which the app will be used in our minds. Regardless if it’s a native or web application. This ensures we always focus on creating a meaningful user experience when developing your mobile app After all, for your user site is performance, functionality, design and usability that count.