What it’s all about

The aeroplane, the light bulb, the printing press: great inventions are the result of thoughtful testing. Do you have an idea for an app or a website? Then the best option is to take things one step at a time, and prototyping will help with this. A prototype means that you will receive feedback on whether your idea is likely to succeed on the market right from the product’s development phase. It may be that a website does not directly meet your users’ needs, and something different is needed. Ideally, the prototype of your planned product should be tested by your target group. We support you with a simple yet efficient approach, ensuring you receive measurable solution suggestions quickly and allowing you to transform your idea into a high flyer in no time. Don’t worry – even the Wright brothers started small.

What you get

We offer you lateral thinkers and interdisciplinary teams, all focusing on your idea. We start small and work with you to tackle the most burning issues. Together we develop an initial prototype and give it to real users for testing so that we gain direct, relevant feedback. Our agile software development process uses tried-and-tested methods and technologies such as lean, UX design and rapid prototyping. Everything identified during testing is fed straight into the next stage of development – and rather than taking months, this happens within just few days. Because we love rapid prototyping.

Good to know

There’s one thing you need to know if you work with us: learning as much as we can from the development phase is our key focus, rather than the prototype itself. For example, we might discover during this process that an app would be better suited to your users than a website. But that is exactly what prototyping is for. The test results help us to identify potential risks at an early stage and avoid them in the subsequent design. Usability testing ensures that potential users are incorporated into the journey right from the start. This is a clear benefit for you, as ultimately it is your customers’ problems that we want to work together to solve.