Efficient success – with prototyping

How? Time to find out. You have an idea and need some initial feedback about whether it is worth pursuing, which is where prototyping comes in. We offer you a simple but effective way of identifying your idea’s chances of success in a short period of time. If a website does not directly meet users’ needs, then another solution needs to be found. We also offer assistance in ascertaining whether apps or new features are the right thing for you, your market, your users and your community. Prototyping enables us to propose solutions that can be quickly evaluated for their success.

«Start small - Grow later»

We start small. Our interdisciplinary team works with you to focus on the most burning questions. In co-creation, we develop an initial clickable prototype and test it on real users for direct feedback. This process uses proven methods and technologies such as the lean methodology, UX design and rapid prototyping. The resulting findings are incorporated into the next iteration – and rather than taking months, this happens within just a few days. Rapid prototyping – here we go!

Identifying potential and risks at an early stage

The focus is always on the findings, rather than the prototype itself – on maximum learning. Test results help us to identify potential risks at an early stage and avoid them in the actual design. This saves time and money. Usability testing ensures that potential users are incorporated into the journey right from the start. This is a clear benefit, as ultimately they are the people who need to be won over.