Mobile Apps

From smartphones to your users' hearts

Your challenge: better customer retention, more benefits

Perhaps your company is already well-established in the digital world, and you are now looking for ways to turn your customers into true fans and followers? Or maybe you already have a useful application in mind, offering functions that would make your users’ lives easier? Fantastic. All you need now is an experienced and committed partner to help you throughout the process of creating your mobile app – and Liip fits the bill perfectly.

Our response: mobile apps with added value

Our hearts beat for mobile apps. We work with you to develop an app that offers your users real added value, and thus boosts your customer retention. These could be native apps for iOS and Android or cross-platform alternatives. We can use location-specific and user-specific data to create a personalised experience and ensure an attractive customer journey thanks to gamification and augmented reality.

For business customers, we draw on our many years of B2B experience and help you make your business processes even more efficient. If you choose, we can also integrate your mobile app into your existing system landscape, from customer relationship management (CRM) through to enterprise resource planning (ERP).

What we do

Our Mobile Apps team supports you from A to Z: our UX designers and Service Designers ensure that your customers' needs are met and that users of your app will find what they are looking for as quickly, easily and intuitively as possible.
Our mobile app developers transform the concept into code, always working in an agile form and close collaboration with you.
Finally, our UX writers add the finishing touch to your mobile app by ensuring the correct tone is used. Usability is of top priority for us.

The pay-off

Mobile apps follow your users wherever they go, safely on their smartphones. As well as ensuring a high engagement rate, this also boosts loyalty to your company and increases customer retention. If your mobile app offers useful functions, it will make your customers doubly happy – and will have the same effect on you too if it enables you to achieve your business objectives.

Claes Lennman
Business Developer, Product Owner

Native Apps

  • Top performance, few limitations
  • Apple and Google usage concepts for iOS and Android devices
  • New Android and iOS functions immediately available

Cross-platform apps

  • Shared code base saves time
  • Versatile, but with certain limitations

User experience

  • Coordinated user experience
  • User testing
  • Use of the design patterns of the platforms


  • Integration into back-end system
  • Creation of back-end system
  • Distribution via MDM for internal use

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