Who we are

  • Janina Kürsteiner

We are a self-organised digital agency that stands for digital progress made in Switzerland. What does that even mean? What is it that makes us Liip?

We have 15 years of experience in implementation and consulting of digital solutions. We support customers towards not only more, but also more meaningful and sustainable digital transformation.

We use Holacracy as a framework for our self-organised teams

The classic organisational pyramid with managers who make all the decisions is not up to par with our dynamic industry. Liip adopted Holacracy as our organisational model in 2016, being one of the first company in Switzerland. Holacracy gives authority to the people that do the work, strongly supporting entrepreneurship, making us more agile and empowering the Liipers to grow.

We solve digital challenges with custom development

What we do? We deliver state-of-the-art digital platforms for you. What started as a custom software development agency in 2007 was completed with user experience, cms and software as a service offering in 2013. Ever since, providing our customers with a full-stack service including User Experience, Development and SEO & Analytics.
We create tailor-made digital platforms that turn your wishes and, even more important, the needs of your customers into code, all this in close collaboration with our on-site specialists. Whether it’s e-commerce, mobile apps or content management, we can develop your platforms further, supporting you to deliver a great experience for your clients. No matter if start-up, large company, government agency, we delight customers like Freitag, Zoo Zürich, ETH and many more. Read more about projects we implemented together with our customers.

Digital human progress driven by guiding principles

Rigid rules don’t help in a constantly fast-evolving world. Yet, we need guidance. To support Liipers in decision-making, we have a set of principles that everyone can refer to. They are quite self-explanatory and formulated in an x over y way. Not meaning that y is not important to us, but if we had to make a choice, it would be x. And here they are:

  • Purpose over profits
  • Open over closed
  • Risk over certainty
  • Trust over control
  • Practice over theory
  • Flexibility over strength
  • We over me

Power to the community with an open-source approach

We have open-source in our DNA and history. Liip is a pioneer of the open-source movement in Switzerland and is committed to promoting its development.
Open-source is generally much more cost-effective than a proprietary solution and gives us the ability to start small and quickly with community versions, and then migrate to more advanced solutions according to your business requirements.
Open-source once was the future, today it powers almost everything. We believe in a future in which the spirit of open-source continues to change how enterprise IT is run, accelerating innovation and digitally sustainable progress.
Liipers are part of a multitude of open-source communities. Please read our blog to find out what Liipers have to say about this .

Building long-lasting relationships on trust

Close collaboration with our clients is essential to us. Geographical and thus also cultural proximity is vital because we stand for Swiss quality, extremely close collaboration, and local development. Liip started with ​​two small offices in Zurich and Fribourg. To be as close as we can to our clients, today we have 6 offices in Lausanne, Fribourg, Bern, Basel, Zurich and St. Gallen.
This close collaboration allows us, our clients and partners to work in a truly agile and trustful way, addressing tough issues early on and implementing challenging innovation projects that meet their goals on time and on budget.
2007 our four founders started with 21 employees; today, we are over 200 Liipers. This growth is due to incredibly exciting projects with long-lasting clients throughout Switzerland.

Open minds for your agile project

We work on your projects using agile methods, mainly Scrum. By doing this, we can complete project deliverables quickly and efficiently. Delivering the first results fast and also being able to get direct, honest feedback from the actual users. Scrum ensures effective use of time and money. Working in iterations, we divide large projects into easily manageable sprints. Scrum, being agile, adopts feedback from customers and stakeholders throughout the project, and short sprints enable changes based on feedback a lot more easily. In a video interview about agility, Dominik Ryser, Head of Communication at Zoo Zürich, said: 'You are part of the project team and always have immediate influence about the next steps'.
Agile also means constant prioritisation so that the solution corresponds to your client’s wishes. We always put the user in focus, so your project truly serves those who will use your digital platform. Working that way, conversions, efficiency and client satisfaction increase, and real digital, human progress is made.

Going the extra mile…for sustainability

Our overall company purpose is to create long-lasting social, environmental and economic value, by striving for digital, human progress — directly making the three pillars of sustainability the core of our reason to exist. Let’s look at some examples of how this looks in practice:

  • Liip always has been climate-neutral and environmentally friendly. We keep our company climate-neutral with the support of myClimate and the purchase of green electricity — and we make conscious decisions to say no to projects that do not meet our sustainable and ethical standards.
  • We contribute to society by developing specific technology that is helping the users and humanity act sustainably.
  • We are actively working to increase the amount and magnitude of projects with direct impact on the United Nations sustainable development goals to support a better and more sustainable future for all.
  • As an employer, we enable flexible working hours, equality measures, health promotion, workload adjustments, 4 weeks of paternity leave, the option of unpaid leave and personal development offers. Personal development at Liip means every Liiper has a budget on time and money that they think is important for their development. Additionally, every Liiper is encouraged to have a People Developer accompanying them in their personal development journey.

All in all, we are a tech-driven digital agency not interested in the latest hype, in short-lived “innovations” or technology for technology’s sake. We are here to contribute to a future that works for all of us towards sustainable digital human progress. Sounds intriguing? Let’s talk.

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