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We are looking to hire UX- and Graphic- designers, Magento-, Moodle-, Drupal-, Web- developers, Product Owners and Business Developers!

Your benefits

If you are employed full-time with us, you work 40 hours a week. You also have five weeks’ annual leave. If you prefer, you can also work part-time. A record is made of any overtime you work and you will receive appropriate compensation.
Other perks include a personal continuing education budget (in both time and money), as well as the opportunity to take part in our many in-house training events. We also provide a host of creature comforts: all of our offices actively support and encourage wellness, and ensure there is a constant supply of drinks, coffee and fresh fruit.
If you are a mum- or dad-to-be, we will be happy to help you adjust to your new role by allowing you to cut your working hours, by letting you take paternity leave or extended maternity leave, and by paying out a more generous family allowance.

Additional details

No vacancy for you?

You're convinced that you and Liip match perfectly, but we don't have any open positions? We're happy to keep your application for the following profiles on file:

  1. Drupal Developer

  2. Magento Developer

  3. Moodle Developer

  1. Mobile Developer

  2. UX Designer

  3. Interaction Designer

  1. Product Owner

  2. Business Developer

  3. Scrum Master

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