Technology and functionality combined
for Freitag
2017 Best of Swiss Web Gold “Creation”
2017 Best of Swiss Web Silver “Business”
2017 Best of Swiss Web Bronze “Mobile Web”
2017 Best of Swiss Web Bronze “Marketing”

Freitag is different – it’s urban, sustainable, emotional and yet still organised. All of this and a range of other factors were taken into account when relaunching the website. Sustainability was introduced into the order flow, and the user experience was optimised. Drupal was used in many areas and was also linked to Freitag’s ERP.

To innovate or not to innovate

Freitag needed a new website, and it was not just a question of using new technology or providing an update but of delivering an entire relaunch. One of the goals was introducing innovations in the user experience as part of the shop’s overall user journey. This was achieved with the product matrix, combining a product-filtering function and a product overview.

Innovation in user experience, and its limits

A relaunch with sustainability at the core

Investing in sustainability was at the heart of creating the new Freitag platform. It was important to develop a system that could be expanded yet still provide stable operation. The old foundations had to be replaced. We, therefore, took this version update as an opportunity to develop new ones. We introduced more sustainability and expandability for numerous components, such as the order flow, gift cards, promotions and the mailing system.

The three most important lessons learned when bringing sustainability into the order flow